Equal to our education mission is our mission to conduct leading-edge research on the sales profession and what drives salesperson and sales force effectiveness.



Our research philosophy is to work collaboratively with managers to identify research questions that are important to the focal organization and the sales profession overall. Typically, these questions will focus on identifying new ways to enhance salesperson performance or reduce salesperson turnover – two critically challenging areas for sales organizations. 

The FSU Sales Institute produces two documents for each research project: one for publication in academic journals and one that highlights the implications of the research findings for the participating organization. This approach, combined with FSU’s stellar national research reputation, leads to preeminent sales research relevant to both academics and industry


The FSU Sales Institute research team can conduct a study in your organization: The FSU research team starts by exploring issues that are keeping your sales organization from achieving higher financial performance. They then formulate a list of potential research ideas that can be explored within your company. After the company chooses the research project they believe will be most beneficial, the FSU research team designs and conducts a study and provides an executive briefing highlighting the findings.

Participate in our current research projects: At any one time, the FSU Sales Institute has two to three research projects that require a broad sampling of companies, sales managers and representatives. Each manager or representative who participates in these studies receives a copy of the final executive summary. Frequently, there is some form of compensation for the participant’s time and effort.

For more information, please contact Chuck Viosca, Assistant Lecturer and Director, or Leff Bonney, Associate Professor, FSU Sales Institute.