The FSU Sales Institute hosts events that allow professional sales students to hone and to demonstrate their sales knowledge and skills to potential employers. The FSU Sales Institute also hosts the nation’s largest intercollegiate sales competition, the International Collegiate Sales Competition.

FSU Sales Institute events include:

Seminole Sales Showcase

The Seminole Sales Showcase, held every fall and spring semester, brings FSU students and the FSU Sales Institute’s corporate partners together for two days of competition, a career fair, networking, and student interviews. The FSU Sales Institute’s partner representatives serve as buyers and judges for the event, which includes:

  • A role-play competition between top sales majors that leads to scholarships and participation in national events
  • A speed-selling competition among students in the advanced sales classes
  • During the career fair, partner representatives evaluate students’ professionalism and provide advice on improving

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International Collegiate Sales Competition

The International Collegiate Sales Competition held every fall in Orlando, Florida, is the nation’s largest intercollegiate competition, with more than 80 universities participating. The competition serves as the ultimate measure of a university sales program’s focus on overall business revenue generating skills, which includes:

  • Strategic decision-making through a sales management simulation event
  • Confidence and resilience through a warm-calling event
  • Relationship development skills through a role-play event
  • Sales management problem-solving skills through a sales management case event
  • Presentation and speech skills through a speed-selling event
  • A “give back attitude” through a community involvement event

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Sales Educators' Academy

The Sales Educators’ Academy (SEA) program, held during the summer in the United States in odd years and England in even years, helps further develop sales educators’ teaching skills by engaging expert speakers and panels from around the world to share advice. The SEA’s goal is to help sales educators of ALL experience levels improve their ability to teach professional sales students essential skills and knowledge needed upon graduation.

The Sales Educators’ Academy is designed for:

  • Experienced sales educators seeking to re-tool their course curriculum
  • Clinical faculty members who have valuable sales experience but want to better leverage their experience in the classroom
  • Faculty members new to teaching sales
  • Faculty members who are considering starting, or who have recently started, a university sales center
  • Adjunct faculty members who teach sales on a part-time basis

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